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Choosing to get braces in Innisfil is a great first step to getting the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of. However, if you want impressive results and optimal oral health, you must be diligent about looking after your teeth and braces. This involves brushing your teeth properly and taking the time to clean all the plaque around your brackets.

Effects of Not Brushing Teeth with Braces

When you get orthodontics near you, your orthodontist will be sure to remind you of the importance of maintaining a thorough and effective oral hygiene routine. Wearing braces means that you have to take extra good care of your teeth to reduce your chances of developing other dental problems such as tooth decay and cavities. The way that braces are designed makes them ideal traps for food particles, and plaque will accumulate around the brackets adhered to your teeth. If these particles are not removed, they will eat away at your tooth enamel and create cavities.

If you are not diligent about your oral hygiene, you may find that you have a mouthful of cavities that require treatment when you get your braces removed. In the worst-case scenario, your cavities could progress to the point of extreme pain while you still have your braces on. In that case, you would have to see an orthodontist get your braces removed, repair the cavities, and replace the orthodontics in Innisfil.

When you neglect to maintain proper oral hygiene, it leads to the buildup of harmful bacteria in your mouth. If this bacteria is not eliminated promptly, it can lead to gum disease. Having braces enhances this issue because they will have to be removed to get rid of plaque, cavities, or other dental issues that may arise due to a lack of oral hygiene.

How to Maintain Oral Hygiene While Wearing Braces

If you are looking to straighten your teeth and get a healthy and radiant smile, getting braces near you is an excellent option. However, braces also make your teeth more difficult to clean, and you will need to be extra thorough with your cleaning regimen to avoid any further dental issues. When you wear braces, tooth decay is more likely to occur due to the accumulation of food particles and plaque around the metal brackets.

Our team at Innisfil Orthodontics has several tips for braces wearers to follow to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

  1. Remember to rinse your mouth with water before you begin brushing your teeth. Doing this will help remove any loose food particles and make brushing much easier.
  2. When you begin brushing, remember not to apply too much pressure. Patients who have braces usually brush their teeth with more force than necessary because they believe this will clean the brackets more efficiently. This is false, however, and can end up doing more harm than good.
  3. Brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle, beginning by gently brushing the top of your brackets, followed by the bottom of your brackets and the wire.
  4. Invest in an interdental toothbrush that will help you navigate around your brackets and wires more efficiently.
  5. Make sure to floss! It will take some practice to get used to flossing with braces but is it essential that you do it.

If you follow these steps and ensure that you avoid certain foods that will stick to or damage your braces, you should maintain optimal oral hygiene throughout your orthodontic treatment. When you finally get your braces off, you will enjoy a brand new, healthy, and confident smile!