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This is a type of aligner system that helps to correct your smile. It sure helps the user that it is invisible. This way you can smile with confidence anytime and anywhere. Once you look at your aligners, you will wonder how it’s possible for a bleaching tray to move your teeth. Rest assured, these are made of a special thermoplastic resin capable of exerting a transient force on the teeth and thus, aligns them.

It is a practical process where an orthodontist near you will take X-rays, impressions, and photographs and then send them with the proposed treatment plan to the Invisalign technicians.

The impressions will be scanned during this stage, and 3 D models of the teeth and occlusion are created. The dental technician would digitally position the teeth in the right places based on the treatment plan. Now it’s over to you and what you need to avoid when caring for your Invisalign to help you achieve a successful Invisalign treatment.


What You Shouldn’t Do to Achieve the Most Effective Invisalign treatment

Your orthodontist in Innisfil wants you to experience the best results when wearing Invisalign. This is why they will offer set guidelines on what you shouldn’t do during the treatment process.


Guard Against Getting Your Aligners Dirty

One of the things you should do is wear your aligners just about all the time. The general recommendation is 20 to 22 hours per day. During this time, you need to ensure you clean them regularly. Fortunately, you can remove your aligners with ease when eating.

Some of the ways you can keep them clean would be to:

1. Store your clear braces in the case provided when you’re not using them.
2. Always clean the aligners once you’ve eaten.
3. Use a special water solution to rinse them to prevent food debris from getting stuck.

You do not want to stain your clear braces as you may put yourself at risk of attracting tooth decay.


Do Not Rush the Treatment Process

Certain precautions must be taken with Invisalign near you. Remember, the entire process is a gradual shifting of your natural teeth, so they are perfectly aligned to produce beautiful results.

If you are impatient and rush the Invisalign procedure, then your teeth may begin to shrink and be a lot less stable. Eventually, it may lead to losing a tooth. Be patient by wearing your alignment tray for two weeks or more before moving on to the next step of the process.


Do Not Scratch Your Aligners

Place a towel near you to cushion your aligners if you accidentally drop them when taking them out to clean. It is best if you utilize a soft-bristled toothbrush when you tend to your Invisalign. Hard bristles will leave scratches on your aligners.


Do Not Forget to Brush

As regularly as possible, do your utmost to brush and floss your clear braces soon after you enjoy a meal. You should do your level best to keep your aligners and your teeth clean to prevent bacteria from causing bad breath. When not at home to brush or floss your teeth and clear braces, you can simply rinse your mouth using warm water or chew some sugarless gum.

Invisalign in Innisfil requires the best treatment for optimum results. It is best if you take the necessary care to pay close attention to the guidelines your orthodontist gives you regarding what to avoid so you can keep your goal of a beautiful smile on track.

Innisfil Orthodontics offers additional guidelines regarding your aligners so you may achieve your goal of having a beautiful smile.