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If you’ve considered wearing braces from an orthodontist in Innisfil, what’s the first image that comes to mind when you consider the prospect? Finally, saying goodbye to your crooked teeth? Or the mouth full of metal that you’ll have to tolerate during your treatment plan? If metal mouth forms any part of your thoughts and considerations, it’s time to think again. Radiance clear braces in Innisfil offer subtle orthodontic treatment that can make your dreams of straight teeth come true without having to live with the stigma of a metal mouth.

Radiance braces shouldn’t be confused with clear aligners with brands like Invisalign. Whereas clear aligners can be taken off your teeth and placed back on almost instantly, Radiance braces are fixed.

Radiance braces from an orthodontist near you consist, like traditional braces, of brackets, archwires and rubber bands. Those brackets are attached to your teeth and connected to each other with an archwire that is attached to your brackets using “o” ties or clear elastic bands. Over time, those archwires place pressure on your teeth and will gradually pull your teeth into their new and ideal position. At your follow-up appointments, your orthodontist will adjust your Radiance clear braces near you to ensure that they’re exerting the precise pressure required to achieve your treatment plan.


What makes Radiance braces special?

Here’s the bottom line. The brackets used as part of Radiance braces are practically invisible. Sure, ceramic braces are a subtle form of orthodontic treatment compared to traditional wire and metal braces, but Radiance braces are in another category altogether. Radiance braces fall within the general category of ceramic braces, but offer the advantage of sapphire’s strength. Ceramic braces generally offer the disadvantage of being less strong than metal braces. Radiance braces, though, are the strongest form of ceramic braces available on the market.

The brackets used as part of orthodontic treatment with Radiance braces are made from sapphire – a material that is nearly as strong as diamond and glass-like in their transparent appearance.

Radiance braces are appropriate for treating a wide range of orthodontic problems in the same way as traditional braces. If your orthodontist has diagnosed you with crooked or misaligned teeth, gapped teeth, protruding teeth or an overbite or underbite, ask your dentist if Radiance’s clear braces may be appropriate for you.

Radiance braces do have the disadvantage of being more expensive than traditional braces and other non-traditional alternatives. Depending on the value you place on the aesthetic appearance of your teeth during your orthodontic treatment plan, your orthodontist or dentist will recommend the most economical option for your needs and lifestyle.

When considering whether Radiance braces may be right for you, discuss these advantages and disadvantages with your dentist. The advantages of Radiance braces include:

● The clearest available brackets
● Stain resistance
● Flexible enough to treat mild, moderate and even severe orthodontic issues
● Strong brackets that are smooth enough to avoid irritating the soft tissues in your mouth

While considering your options, keep in mind that there are disadvantages associated with Radiance that include:

● Radiance braces are not self-ligating but do require elastic bands
● You’ll need to attend frequent appointments where an orthodontist will adjust your braces
● Radiance braces are more expensive than other options
● Like all forms of fixed braces (and unlike removable aligner options) your teeth can be difficult to keep clean while wearing Radiance braces.

To discuss how these pros and cons play out for your personal goals, needs and priorities, make an appointment with a dentist near you who will thoroughly review your teeth and goals before recommending the best possible option.